What if instead of sending countless single-use cups to landfill every day, we made reusable cups easier? In conjunction with local businesses and the community we created a system where we collect, wash, and redistributed reusable coffee cups.

This is home grown Perth innovation that is working with local businesses and the community to showcase that we can create solutions to the challenges we face when we work together. Over the past few months GO2CUP has been trialed at Cool Breeze Café down at Bayswater Riverside Gardens as well as various events. Having already prevented thousands of cups from going landfill with limited resources and receiving an overwhelmingly positive response, we’re ready to take this concept to the next level and offer our service to even more takeaway coffee shops and events.

GO2CUP also has a vision to be carbon neutral as well as water neutral to deliver a truly smart, sustainable, reusable cup. 

Who is go2cup?

Having worked on the front line of Western Australia’s resource industry as a mining engineer, Daniel has an appreciation for the need to use our resources mindfully as well as in unity with the environment in which we extract them from. Utilising both a degree in engineering as well as an MBA specalising in environmental sustainability, Daniel contributes to his vision of the future where reuse and renewable are integrated as a priority towards the way we use our resources on this one precious planet. Daniel has a vision that Perth can move away from being one of the biggest waste per capita producers in the world led by a resource industry, towards being a sustainable city led by innovation.