GO2CUP at your next Event

Replace single-use cups with GO2CUPs at your next event. Reduce the amount of waste your event sends to landfill while promoting your environmental image. 

How it Works:

  1. Purchase a quantity of GO2CUPs to be used at your event. 
  2. We bring the required quantity of marked collection bins to your event.
  3. We provide educational materials directing customers to place their used GO2CUP in a marked collection bin. 

Benefits to your event

  • Reduce waste produced by cup use at your event
  • Reduce carbon footprint of your event
  • Reduce waste removal costs for your event
  • Improve the environmental image of your event. 

Who the Go2Cup Service is For

Any event that wants to reduce the waste produced by their events by replacing single-use cups with reusable cups.

Getting Go2Cups at your Next Event

To find out more or to purchase GO2CUPs for your next event, please contact us here