GO2CUP at your Coffee Shop

Reduce your environmental impact simply by using a better cup! 

How it works

  1. Purchase GO2CUPs from us as you would purchase single-use cups.
  2. Sell your beverage in a GO2CUP when requested by a customer.
  3. Ensure customers understand that their GO2CUP is to be returned to a marked collection bin. 

Benefits to your business

  • Ease of buying cups locally
  • Grow your business and improve customer loyalty
  • Reduce the amount of waste to landfill your business generates
  • Reduce your carbon footprint
  • Create differentiation from your competitors
  • Improve the environmental image of your business

Who the go2Cup Service is For

  1. Takeaway coffee shops that provide a sit down service for customers who want to reduce their waste to landfill
  2. Coffee shops who serve takeaway coffees within or in close vicinity to large organisations
  3. Coffee or any other beverage vans/stalls at events

How Much Go2cups Cost

40c per cup..

includes cup, lid, and collection. The cost of unreturned cups is 10c per cup. 

Participating in the go2Cup Loyalty Program

By offering a free coffee for every 10 GO2CUPs that are returned to your marked collection bin you can increase your customer loyalty further while ensuring your customers return their GO2CUPs.

Getting the go2cup service at your coffee shop

Interested in learning more or trialling the GO2CUP service at your coffee shop? Contact us here to find out more. With our assistance, nominate and promote surrounding organisations to participate in the GO2CUP service.