GO2CUP at your Workplace

Change the way your workplace thinks about waste by removing the single-use cup! All you need to do is contact us here and nominate your favourite coffee shop and we do the rest!

How it works:

  1. We stock your nominated coffee shop with GO2CUPs
  2. You and your colleagues enjoy your coffee
  3. Deposit your used GO2CUPs at the marked collection bin at your workplace

The marked collection bin is rented at a small fee that is offset by a rebate for the number of cups we collect. Once you reach a certain number of cups per day in your collection bin you can actually make money off your GO2CUPs! 

The Benefits to your organisation

  • Reduce waste at your workplace by removing the single-use cup and coffee pods.
  • Reduce your organisation's carbon footprint.
  • Help change the way people in your organisation think about waste.
  • Improve the environmental image of your organisation. 

Who the Go2Cup Service is for

If you and your work colleagues regularly enjoy coffee from a nearby coffee shop but know you shouldn't be sending so many single use cups to landfill, then consider contacting us here and nominating your organisation and your local coffee shop for the GO2CUP service.

Not sure if the GO2CUP service is for you? Why not try GO2CUPs at your next event or function in place of single use cups?


Contact us here and nominate your favourite local coffee shop. We'll contact your organisation and your nominated coffee shop to see if we can get everyone working together to end single-use cups. We will provide information to your employees to promote the GO2CUP system within your workplace.