GO2CUP works with local businesses and the community to replace single-use cups with reusable cups. We do this by...

  • Collecting
  • Washing
  • And redistributing reusable cups

By placing collection bins at your:

  • Coffee shop
  • Workplace
  • OR event

This system provides an opportunity for local businesses and the community to reduce the countless single-use cups that are sent to landfill every day. By working together with local businesses and the community we are changing the way we think about waste and showing that sustainable outcomes can be achieved when we are open to being a part of the solution together. 

How to get involved with go2cup

Whether you're a coffee drinker, a coffee shop owner, a workplace organisation, or an event organiser, if you want to be a part of reducing single-use cup use, please contact us here to see if we can bring the GO2CUP service to you.